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Welfare treatment

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Join me in the six major principles:

1 superior office environment.
2 Fair promotion mechanism, fast-growing salary.
3 sound welfare guarantees and statutory holidays.
4 perfect training system and learning opportunities.
5 warm home-like work atmosphere, close to family partners and passionate team.
6 full of individual corporate culture, rich and diverse staff activities.



Salary System:

There are two opportunities for salary adjustment each year, based on performance appraisal and comprehensive performance evaluation. As long as you have a strong ability to work, you are not afraid of low wages.

Corporate benefits:

The company pays five insurances; 75 days of annual holiday (including weekends and legal holidays); annual company travel, employees have full participation and decision-making rights; birthday gifts; employee welfare medical examination; staff canteen, employee participation ordering, full Participation and decision-making; provide generous benefits such as staff quarters.


Training and talent policy:

Employees enjoy various internal training and outsourcing training organized by the company; various skills certificate training. Have a good development and promotion system.