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Logistics Services

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Wenling Yutong Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Yutong New Materials Co., Ltd. The company has a special parking lot, five dangerous goods transport vans, 18 employees, management personnel, drivers, escorts, loading and unloading management personnel, etc. all have dangerous goods transportation expertise, and according to the dangerous goods transportation industry. At the request, the Road Transport Certificate for Dangerous Goods was obtained. In the years of work, we have summed up a safe, fast, efficient and service transportation experience to provide customers with safe and reliable transportation guarantee. In 2015, we won the “Second-level Safety Production Standardization of Provincial Transportation Enterprises”. All the vehicles in the company are equipped with GPS monitoring system, real-time monitoring of each vehicle, which better solves the information feedback and vehicle scheduling flexibility. The company is mainly responsible for the finished paint distribution tasks of the head office and belongs to the third type of flammable liquid. Yutong Logistics takes safety as the foundation, treats customers with integrity, promotes development through management, develops and innovates, establishes the corporate culture of the company itself, strives to pursue professionalization and efficiency, and establishes an excellent banner in the dangerous goods transportation industry.