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Military-civilian integration: reviewing the maintenance of the "3304" ship of the Guangdong Marine Police Corps


Yutong Co., Ltd. is a supplier of the Guangdong Marine Police Corps and is responsible for the matching paint required for the maintenance of all the Marine Police ships. On May 5, it took nearly ten days. The "3304" ship of Guangdong Marine Police Corps completed the maintenance work at Wenchong Shipyard. During the period, the technical service personnel of Yutong Co., Ltd. served at the scene.
     The "3304" ship of Guangdong Marine Police Corps has a length of 110.8 meters, a width of 14 meters, a depth of 8.4 meters and a light waterline of 4.2 meters. Among them, the light load area is 2100m2, and the Yutuf933F6H self-polishing antifouling paint is used. The docking cycle can be up to 5 years.
    Yutongu Yutaf933F6H is a high solids Wuxi composite self-polishing antifouling paint. It can effectively prevent the pollution caused by sea creatures on the bottom of the ship and the dock in the heavily polluted water environment, keep the bottom of the ship smooth and clean, so that the speed is not affected and the fuel consumption is reduced. This product does not contain organotin insecticides and meets the international practice requirements for the control of hazardous pollution systems in ships adopted by the International Maritime Organization in October 2001 (IMO document AFS/CONF/26). It is suitable for the protection of the bottom and waterline parts of vessels that sail at medium and high speeds and have more activities and only have a short idle period.

     Yutong shares is a military-civilian integration enterprise. It has been a military salary for many years. Reviewing the maintenance of the "3304" ship of the Guangdong Marine Police Corps is full of confidence in its own product quality and technical service level, and also contributes to China's coastal defense construction.