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Marine Paint


Yutep8775Epoxy Zinc-Rich

Yutep8775 is a two component polyamide cured zinc richcompositional requirements of SSPC paint 20,Ievel 2 and epoxy coating.It conforms to the ISO 12944-5

Yutep850 Epoxy Universal Primer-2019

Yutep850 Epoxy Universal Primer is a light epoxy universal primer. Has good wear and rust resistance. Suitable for low temperature construction (-5 ° C)

Yutep853 Epoxy Tie Coat-2019

Yutep853 Epoxy Bonding Paint A two component modified polyamide adduct cured epoxy lacquer that cures at low temperatures with excellent interlayer adhesion.

Yutep856 Epoxy Universal Primer-2019

Yutep856 Epoxy Low Surface Treatment Epoxy-based two-component pure epoxy primer with high solids content, good permeability to the substrate, excellent adhesion, tough film, impact resistance and High abrasion resistance and excellent rust prevention. This product can be applied under cold conditions of -10 °C throughout the year and is suitable for rapid recoating and handling conditions.

Yutep857 Pure Epoxy Primer-2019

Yutep857 Pure Epoxy High Solid Universal Primer is based on epoxy resin. The amine adduct is a two-component pure epoxy universal primer with curing agent. It has high solid content, excellent rust resistance and excellent adhesion. Focus on the film, toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance, this product can be used in the cold conditions of -10 ° C, and is suitable for rapid recoating and handling conditions.

Yutep860Epoxy Finish

Yutep860 epoxy topcoat is an epoxy resin based two-component coating with excellent interlayer adhesion, flexibility, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. It has excellent alkali resistance, water resistance and oil resistance. Sex, chemical resistance, slightly poor weather resistance, will be powdered after prolonged exposure but does not affect the protective performance

Yutep879 Solvent Free Epoxy-2019

Yutep879 solvent-free epoxy water tank paint is a solvent-free, high-build, two-component coating based on epoxy resin. It has excellent adhesion, toughness, water resistance, salt water resistance and resistance. Crude oil performance is good.
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